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10 Anti Aging Foods That You Need To Know-Part2

Anti Aging Foods-It is way too easy to spend your savings on beauty care products. There are a plethora of items available. You pick one and a series would follow after. This is not funny though, this is the truth. You buy a moisturizer and the sales executive would push an astringent towards you. It would help absorbing the facial oil and you would end up buying the bottle. After that, the sale executive would suggest you buy a night cream for anti aging effect. Then it would be time for the scrub, face wash, sun screen and the list would go on forever.

1. Watermelon: With over 90% water, watermelon is an excellent anti-aging food and a delicious one too. Watermelon consists of vitamins, minerals and essential fats that are SWAT team against free radicals. The zinc in watermelon is particularly good for cleansing toxins from the body.

2. Whole Grain Cereals: Rich in fiber and Vitamin B, whole grain cereals have a very good effect on your skin. Whole grain meals are good for digestion and help maintain radiant skin. If you want long life, increase intake of whole wheat, oatmeal, and brown rice.

3. Olive Oil: Much recently, scientists have found that olive oils contain large amounts of mono-unsaturated fats that are good for your body and heart. Adding organic extra virgin olive oils is especially helpful as they are less refined and retain the original qualities of this anti-aging food.

4. Sprouted Beans: Beans are a great source of protein and antioxidants. Sprouted beans make them a wonder food that has numerous benefits for your body and skin. Rich in vitamins and minerals, sprouts contain significant amounts of easy to assimilate hormones, making them an effective aid to anti-aging.

As we age, our caloric needs drop so we need to pack our diet with low-calorie, nutrient-rich foods. Including these anti-aging foods into your diet can help live longer and prevent any heart diseases. “Eating anti-aging foods” can be your new mantra for a long and healthy life.

Beauty at Home – Go for Natural Anti Aging Skin Care Home Remedies

To get away from all the hustle, why don’t you go for natural anti aging skin care home remedies?  Here also a plethora of choices available. But, you would not have to spend a fortune for them.

Rice Powder and Turmeric

Rice powder can be used as scrub daily. This is mild and can brush off the dead skin cells without roughing your face out. You can add a pinch of turmeric as skin lightening and anti aging effect. Milk can also be used for the moisturizing purpose. This face pack can be used daily for better effect.

Aloe Cream with Cucumber

Skin gets dry with age and this causes wrinkles. However, with this anti wrinkle treatment at home, you can say goodbye to wrinkles and enjoy beautiful skin which glows with health. To make the cream you need to use aloe vera, yogurt, and cucumber. You can also use lime juice to add health. Take the chopped cucumber and aloe vera flesh along with other items and mix in a blender. This cream must be cooled off before you can apply it on your skin. It is important that you allow the mask to soak. Therefore, leave it for half an hour and then wipe off with wet clothes.

Walnut and Blackberry Scrub

Well, this is a luxurious homemade anti wrinkle treatment. This is yummy too and for this reason, you would love it. Blend both the items properly to make a thick paste and then apply on your face evenly. Wash off with gentle strokes once the pack dries off.

Apple and Honey

An apple every day can keep wrinkles away. Yes, apple is known for its health benefits. However, it is good for beauty treatment as well, especially anti aging treatment. You just have to know how to use the fruit for maximum effect. You can use apple juice directly to your face. You can add this juice to your face pack as well. However, apple works its wonder when added to honey and applied to face. If you can get your hands on green apples, there is nothing like it. This fruit possesses high beneficial quality. However, if you cannot use green for any reason, you can use normal apple as well. Make a puree of apple and honey in a blender and apply it on your face. Use a toner after you wash off this pack.

One of the best anti aging secrets is to follow a healthy diet along with the beauty regimen. This will help you get the better result.

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