Anti Aging Wed, 20 Sep 2017 18:02:05 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Anti Aging 32 32 Anti-Aging Foods You Should Know Wed, 26 Jul 2017 15:54:28 +0000 Is it possible to prevent anti-aging from foods?

Is there any track where I can move the journey of my life so that I can look younger? I thought you have also been fetching out this answer. Please, stop your search. I have grabbed a list of anti-aging foods which will say goodbye to anti-aging.

Being a woman, I am always looking forward to sharing some tips with my bosom friends they all gained a lot. Today, I am in a mood of sharing my valuable anti-aging food list of all my companions.

The best anti-aging secret is hiking up the intake of anti-inflammatory foods such as vegetables, oily fish, fruits by declining the intake of pro-inflammatory foods such as processed foods, refined sugar, fried products, and meat.

But why am I recommending these anti-aging food supplements? This anti-aging food list has a power of slowing down aging by preserving optimal health and energy.

Let’s stop hiding up the list of foods slow down the anti-aging process:


The first anti-aging tip is to chew a cup of pomegranate seeds. It acts as a guard against the wrinkling effect of sun rays. This natural anti-aging food is a super nutrient that hikes up body’s capacity to maintain collagen that makes your skin look plumper and wrinkle free.

I have listed this anti-aging food at the top of my anti-aging diet plan because it is praiseworthy because its seeds comprise both punicalagin and ellagic acid fighting against damage. If you can’t chew pomegranate seeds, don’t worry, I have some substitutes.

  • Pomegranate Chicken
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts with pomegranate
  • Citrus compote with pomegranate
  • Spanish and pomegranate salad
  • Pomegranate and lime chicken thighs
  • Pomegranate Sorbet
  • Grilled shrimp with pomegranate salsa
  1. Put FATTY FISH on your plate

What food to slow down the anti-aging process? It is a question always revolved, especially in woman’s mind. The best anti-aging food to look younger is fatty fish.

Why am I suggesting fish? What does it contain? It has the best anti-aging secret that is Omega 3 fatty acids, which guard your skin for entering sun rays. As per the recent survey, it has revealed that a regular dose of Omega 3 fatty acids can decline inflammation and other immunological that can also prevent from skin cancer. Many sea foods have Omega 3 such as herring, lake trout, mackerel, tuna, salmon, and sardines.

What’s more, anti-aging foods you are finding to grab? This one is the best. After getting a trial, you will get amazed as you are looking younger and younger day by day.

  1. Say hello to leafy green vegetable

You are vegetarian and above an anti-aging secret has no value for you.Don’t worry. I have another anti-aging diet plan for you.  Leafy green vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, Kale, mustard greens, and mint leaves are the name of foods slow down the anti-aging process.

Why I called the leafy green vegetables, the best anti-aging secret? If you are vegan, you can’t get all the antioxidant compounds. But if you consume these, you see an instant improvement in the skin’s elasticity. Because these vegetables have Lutein and Beta-carotene.

Not able to eat green veggies raw or cooked? If so, then twist them and extract some juice and name as an anti-aging secret juice.

  1. Welcome Blueberries and say goodbye to fine lines

The mouthwatering watering fruit, the blueberries comprises many antioxidants than almost any other fruit does.  In other words, this little blue wonder is a great anti-aging food supplement, offers extra protection to skin if you suffered from emotional stress, over exercising, and sun exposure.

How to use blueberries as anti-aging foods?

If you are a blueberry lover, use this anti-aging tip anytime.But if you are not thrilled to have blueberries. Use this anti-aging food as an ingredient in your daily intake such as:

  • Oatmeal blueberry pancake
  • Blueberry- Orange mini loaves
  • Blueberry sauce or jam
  • Yogurt blueberry dessert


  1. Add juicy ingredients to your daily intake

To get away anti-aging, add a glass of juice to your daily intake. Not all fruits have considered anti-aging diet plan. What do you add to anti-aging food list?

  • Beetroots

These bright red color beets are one of the best anti-aging secrets. It not only say goodbye to wrinkles but also says hello to the glowing and pinkish skin. In other words, Beetroot juice is a great way to combat, the sign of aging.

  • Green apples

Green apples are not only packed with Vitamin C but also the best anti-aging food. This natural anti-aging tip will give your skin by speeding up the productions of cells. Eat as a snack is an also a good trick to become younger.

  • Pink grapefruits

Pink grapefruit is that anti-aging fruit that can help to give a quick combat to skin damage.It results in a smooth and glowing skin. It comprises carotenoids helps to boost defenses against damages sun rays. It results in eliminating the sign of aging.

  • Red bell peppers

Add this bell shaped vegetable in your anti-aging diet plan. Because it is a great way to get immunity boosting properties. This anti-aging secret can decline oxidative stress damage and hike up the production of collagen to assist in those anti-aging fine lines.

  • Ginger

I don’t like ginger still I consume it. To get another anti-aging food supplement, extract juice of ginger. Try to drink it earlier in the morning. These anti-aging foods have many benefits. It guards and heals weakened digestive system. It improves circulation throughout your body, resulting in a removal of toxins and wrinkles.

These anti-aging food supplements are the best as it has been using by many people. These anti-aging foods not only give instant results but also give a glowing and shining skin.

I am suggesting to use all these anti-aging remedies together. You can pick up 3-4 as per your taste and availability. But be regular for using these if you thrilled to look young.

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5 fruitful natural anti-ageing tips Sat, 22 Jul 2017 16:13:07 +0000 5 fruitful natural anti-ageing tips- actually sensible

Are you seeking the best natural anti-aging secrets? I thought you are saying “yes.” Woo! Do you know I have a secret box that has hidden all the anti aging home remedies that will put you back to your 30s?I am sure you have thrilled to see what is going to come of this anti-aging secret box.
Now it’s time to reveal the anti-aging remedies which will make your face flawless.

• Natural anti-aging tip 1#

Crack an egg and say goodbye to anti-ageing
One of the best anti-wrinkle treatments at home is the use of eggs. It is an ingredient can grab with anyone anytime. This homemade anti-aging treatment gives you are blossoming face within a few days.
Do you favor by the fact that the eggs used as an anti-aging home remedy by royalties? I thought it’s not true. It is a super cheap ingredient which can buy from anyone as an anti-aging product.
• Secret natural anti-aging skin care recipe
• Crack two eggs and pour red wine into a bowl.
• Beat them until the eggs are all soaked
• Seal this bowl and store in a fridge for 5-6 days.
• Now add a 1½ teaspoon of honey to complete your natural anti-aging skin care home remedy
• Apply this natural anti-aging product on your face for 15-20 minutes daily.
Despite egg gives an awful smell but it is the best anti-aging treatment to get a soft and smooth skin afterward.

• Natural anti-aging tip 2#

Now it’s time to reveal the DIY secret for the face slimming and eye-puffing
Puffed face or eyes is another sign of showing that you are getting aged. No doubt, many anti-aging face creams are available in the market. But if you want to get a super cheap product to make a homemade anti-aging treatment then have a look:
For this use coffee grounds and then sees what will happen. This natural anti-aging skin caring home remedy is simple to prepare. Let’s see:
• Mix about two teaspoons of used coffee grounds with one teaspoon of honey to make a thick paste.
• Now apply this anti-aging face mask on your face and please don’t forget to add it in your double chin area.
• Leave this natural anti-aging mask for 20-30 minutes.
• Now it’s time to remove this messy anti-aging home remedy. Rather than wash it try to take a shower.

Although it will be grubby, you never concluded about its benefits. Try and get the results.

Natural anti-aging tip 3#

Add enough water in your regular intakes
Whatever you eat daily doesn’t matter to you. But actually, it matters. Curbing your munchies is a good idea. But minimizing or forgetting water intake doesn’t tolerate by your skin. It reflects on your skin after you crossed the 30s. One of the best natural anti-aging tips for the 30s is to consume enough amount of water to get your skin hydrated.In fact, the water is a powerful moisturizer used as the best anti-aging secret.

Getting confused how to drink water to get a flawless skin:

Waking up early in the morning is not good but the great task. Indulging in some exercise and house works are again an excellent job. But forgetting to consume 4-5 warm water glasses in the morning means you are on the wrong track. To get it on the right, start drinking at least 10-12 glasses of water in a day. This secret is not only ended as an anti-aging tip but also provide you more than you expected.

Natural anti-aging tip 4#

Omega 3 to get anti-wrinkle treatment at home- got confused?
The fact is that Omega 3 is a powerful anti-aging secret. Popping a capsule will not only benefit your skin and also to a brain.
This essential fatty acid capsule is also suggested at the anti-ageing treatment clinic. In fact, it is the magical anti-aging product will allow you an instant response. It has a fatty acid that holds your skin. It also provides natural moisture, which plumps out wrinkle and makes it smooth.

Simple, if you want to look younger always then take a help of this natural anti-wrinkle treatment.

Natural anti-aging tip 5#

Take help of Aloe Vera plant- one of the best anti-aging tips for the 40s
I thought you are all familiar with a term “Aloe Vera.” Aloe Vera is proven as an amazing anti-aging face mask. Using the ½ tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel can reverse the sign of anti-aging.
What happened? Feeling confused how to get the ½ tablespoon Aloe Vera gel at home to make an anti-aging face mask. Wait for a minute and have a thorough look at following secret used as an anti-aging home remedy.

How to make a homemade anti-aging face

If you have an Aloe Vera plant at home, you are lucky. But if not, don’t confuse. You can get an Aloe Vera leaf from anywhere nearby.
To get an Aloe Veraanti-aging face mask, get some Aloe Vera gel inside the leaf to make the natural anti-aging face mask. Apply directly on your face for 30-40 minutes.This miraculous gel is cheapest and most powerful anti-aging fighter. You can also hide this best anti-aging secret and use it daily to impress others.
These all are the best anti-aging secrets which can use anytime in a day. Having no side-effects, you can try all these anti-aging face packs to choose the best one as per your skin. It’s a promise; these homemade anti-aging treatments don’t harm your skin. In fact, using any for a month will make your skin tone whiter along with reducing wrinkles.
Despite, I called magical for these homemade anti-aging face masks. But doesn’t mean that within the use of few days you get all your wrinkles removed. Keeping using these anti-aging tips for a long time to look young always.
And also, you will 100% like these anti-aging secrets. So please, don’t forget to share these anti-aging tips to others.

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Anti-Aging Skin health Thu, 24 Nov 2016 13:08:21 +0000 Did you know that there are natural ways to help keep your skin glowing?

What you eat can improve your complexion.

Try including these foods into your diet and see the difference!

1-Salmon to calm inflammation.
2-Cantaloupe with lycopene for a healthy glow.
3-Berries with polyphenols for anti-aging and to fight wrinkles
4-Olive oil to beat dryness and roughness
5-Greens (broccoli, spinach, collards, mustards, kale) with antioxidants to keep skin elastic and zinc to build collagen
6-Carrots with beta-carotene to discourage wrinkles
7-Oatmeal with cleaning compounds to oust toxins
8-Water to keep skin hydrated and supple

Anti Aging Tips for the 30s – What You Need to Know

Wrinkles can be disarming for any woman. As the fine lines start appearing, life seems to stop. Women do a lot of things to get rid of wrinkles. However, wrinkles can be pretty stubborn. They don’t easily disappear. Instead, wrinkles keep spreading across the face. To stop the process, women usually use a lot of skin care products. Once you have started using these products, you are bound to keep using them forever. This is the major problem with skin products that are available in the market. There is always something which is better than anything else on the shelf. To avoid getting caught in the process, you can opt for homemade anti wrinkle treatment which you would get in abundance.

Egg White

This is an easily available product which would give you the glow which you need. Also, the face pack is known to erase wrinkles and can be used as natural anti aging skin care home remedies regularly. The best thing about this ingredient is the process of using it. There are countless variables of the product. However, you can use it directly over clean face. You can add honey or lemon for the better result. However, egg white itself is the best possible anti aging ingredient which you can use every other day to stay young.

Egg and Tea Tree Oil

Both of the ingredients possess great anti aging properties. You can mix these two with honey and erase the fine lines and enjoy great glowing skin. However, you need to use it regularly to get the maximum benefits.


To make the homemade anti aging face mask, you can easily use banana. This fruit can be used to have beautiful hair as well. All you need is half a banana mashed for the ease of application. Banana can be applied directly on the face. Or, you can add milk and honey for the better result. The main problem with banana face pack is the stickiness. You would need ample water to wash this off. If you want a quick anti aging result, you can use mashed banana, curd, and honey to make a thick paste which would help you get rid of all signs of aging.

Curd and Lemon

Curd possesses great anti aging property in lactic acid. This is a natural cleanser which can be used regularly. Curd and lemon face pack can remove tan and wrinkles together. Add lemon to half a cup of curd and make a paste to apply on your face. You need to leave the paste on your face for half an hour. Let it soak and then wash off with water.

Curd and Turmeric

The curd is famous for the beauty properties that it possesses. Turmeric is not behind either. From the ancient days, women are using this item to remove tan, to get great skin and to remove wrinkles. You can add these two anti aging products to make a great anti aging face pack. Wash off after the pack dries up.

Anti aging treatment can be done at home. You don’t have to go to the clinic to get the treatment. However, you need to be disciplined to get the best result.

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How Can Anti-Ageing Diet Help You Thu, 24 Nov 2016 13:01:46 +0000 Anti-Ageing Diet

Lee Holmes shares the secrets to achieving a youthful, healthier body through foods with powerful benefits. Eat your way to a vibrant new you.

Food has the power to prevent illness – but did you know it can also slow the aging process and the appearance of wrinkles?

The key is to eat foods that fight inflammation, are rich in antioxidants and are easy to digest – foods which nutrition guru Lee Holmes calls “supercharged” in her book, Supercharged Food (Murdoch Books).

“Foods that are full of antioxidants, like vegetables, prevent inflammation and cellular damage by destroying free radicals in the body,” Holmes says.

Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules produced by such things as stress, pesticides, and the sun. In skin cells, they cause collagen breakdown, which leads to wrinkles.

Inflammation is the body’s response to free radicals, says Holmes. Long-term inflammation in the body is associated with poor immune systems and a higher risk of cancers and chronic diseases.

Holmes began researching food’s healing and anti-ageing benefits in 2006 when she was diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease. After overhauling her diet, she completely recovered and is now healthier than ever.

Foods to avoid

Salt: All salt contributes to high blood pressure and heart disease, so use sparingly. Opt for sea salt, as table salt contains anti-caking agents.
Man-made fats: Trans fats, found in packaged foods and fried fast food, increase the risk of heart disease. The best fats to eat are cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, seed and nut oils, and moderate amounts of coconut oil.

Get Rid of Wrinkle Worries and Woes with these Anti-Aging Home Remedies

The common woe of women after thirties is the appearance of wrinkles. Well, it is not after the thirties, they worry over wrinkles and other aging issues even before they turn twenty. To combat the aging symptoms they move forward to do a lot of things. Countless lotions and creams are available in the market which promises to erase wrinkles and bestow flawless skin. However, once you fall in the maze of creams and lotions, you are lost forever. Instead, try natural anti aging skin care home remedies. There are countless things to try and they all are harmless as there is no side effect of these remedies. So, what are these miracle remedies which can slice off age and make you look younger?

Banana and Curd

Banana and curd both possess immense beneficial properties which can help you look younger. Both of the items are easily available and anyone can get them at a low price. You can use these two to make yourself beautiful. How you can ask. The answer is simple – add half a banana and two spoonfuls of curd to make a thick paste for more health benefits, you can add honey as well. The pack would help you look young and beautiful. In case, you have a dry skin and it feels tight, you can use the light moisturizer.

Pomegranate with Green Tea and Pinch of Honey

The ingredients are nothing, you would get them anywhere. However, these natural anti aging products can do wonder for your skin and erase all the signs of aging within months. To make this pack, you would have to mash the pomegranate along with the seed in a blender. This you need to mix with two table spoonful of green tea and honey. To add volume a little card would be better. This face pack comes with the benefit of Vitamin C and E. The effect can be miraculous if you apply it regularly which is every other day.

Cocoa and Green Tea

Green tea is known to slow down the process of aging. For this reason, people use green tea in their face pack. Cocoa is known to maintain the collagen in the skin. Together these two face items can do wonder. Take out the green tea leaf from the tea bags and mix it with cocoa powder, honey, and curd. Apply this pack over your face and wash off half an hour later.

Banana and Milk

Again banana, well this fruit can do wonder for your skin. You can use banana and milk to cleanse your face, to moisturize it and also to make it look beautiful. The best natural anti aging tips would be to use this face pack regularly. Mash banana and add milk to it, then you would have to make a thick paste with the ingredients. Apply the face pack and let it dry. You would need ample of water to wash off the pack.

Anti wrinkle treatment at home is possible. However, you would have to follow proper diet and workout regimen to support the skin care regimen.

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Walnuts and Vegetable protein Might Add Years to Your Life Thu, 24 Nov 2016 12:54:57 +0000 Peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold, peas porridge in the pot nine days old: When it comes to living a long life, it doesn’t matter how you eat your green and yellow legumes as long as you eat them. (Okay maybe not nine days old; food poisoning is no fun.) Eating whole, cooked peas and other legumes—a staple of the Mediterranean diet—may actually slow aging on a cellular level, according to a study published in BMJ. Researchers speculate it’s the fiber and antioxidants that give them their longevity powers. Here’s how eating legumes can help with weight loss.


Going nuts for nuts may be one of the best things you can do for your health. People who eat nuts, especially walnuts, three times a week or more enjoy two to three more years of life, according to research published in BMC Medicine. Nutty folks significantly reduced their risk of cancer and heart disease, the two biggest killers we face as we age. There is one caveat, however, as a second study found that the life-lengthening benefits did not extend to peanuts or peanut butter. Sorry PB&J fans! Walnuts are also one of a few foods shown to make you smarter.

Vegetable protein

Don’t panic, no one is saying you have to ditch your steak but doing a few meatless meals a week can extend the number of weeks in your life. Adding plant sources of protein can help extend your lifespan, especially if you suffer from kidney problems, according to a study done by the American Society of Nephrology. Foods like quinoa, rice and beans, soy, tofu, and buckwheat pack nearly as much protein per serving as meat does and you get the added benefits of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Try some of these yummy vegetarian dinner recipes.

Anti Aging Face Mask for Women Over Thirties

Effect of aging can hit people hard. The wrinkles that appear after a certain year of age, can play havoc with anyone. However, the process aging can be slowed down. You can find items in the market which would help you get rid of the wrinkles. There are anti aging creams, lotions, scrubs and face washes, a plethora of items available which you can use. However, do these products work is a question which people wonder as more than often the market products fail to deliver the results which they promise to deliver. In such case, you can opt for remedies which work their wonders no matter what. The natural anti aging skin care home remedies are available for you and anyone to use.

Aloe Vera

If you really want to devote time for anti wrinkle treatment at home, you would need to get an aloe vera plant immediately. This plant would help you different ways. You can use aloe vera for both skin and hair. Due to this reason, aloe vera is a well sought after ingredient. You can use the gel directly on your face or you can mix honey or lemon for more volume. Aloe Vera and rose water can be a great face pack which can erase all your wrinkles. The best thing about aloe vera is the quick absorbent quality. The gel gets absorbed by the skin without much delay. This you can mix with rose water and apply on your skin for soothing and anti aging effect.

Banana with Olive Oil

Yes, this is another wonder face mask which people have been using throughout the century for anti aging effect. Natural oil plays a major role in erasing wrinkles and restoring beauty. Olive oil can get absorbed by the skin quickly and for this reason, the skin can get the benefit quickly too. Mix two teaspoons of olive oil and mashed banana to make a great anti aging face pack.

Almond and Milk

Among all natural anti aging skin care recipes, this one is one of the bests. You can try this face pack once and you would notice the difference within a couple of days. This face pack comes with vitamin C which can keep you young forever. Almond protects and bestows skin elasticity while milk moisturizes the skin. Together these two ingredients can take away all your wrinkles and make you look young. From the appearance of fine lines to the spots on the face, everything would face as you keep using the face pack.

Egg and Glycerin

Another wonder homemade anti aging face pack is egg white and glycerin. You can use this pack to moisturize your face and to erase the signs of fine lines. The pack works its wonder in erasing dryness and skin cracking as well. This pack nourishes the skin as it keeps the skin young.

Make sure to use a homemade anti aging face cream along with your face packs. It is important to keep skin nourished and well cared for. To make the cream, you can use curd and aloe vera gel. When blended well, the mixture works like the miracle.

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10 Anti Aging Foods That You Need To Know-Part2 Thu, 24 Nov 2016 12:47:46 +0000 Anti Aging Foods-It is way too easy to spend your savings on beauty care products. There are a plethora of items available. You pick one and a series would follow after. This is not funny though, this is the truth. You buy a moisturizer and the sales executive would push an astringent towards you. It would help absorbing the facial oil and you would end up buying the bottle. After that, the sale executive would suggest you buy a night cream for anti aging effect. Then it would be time for the scrub, face wash, sun screen and the list would go on forever.

1. Watermelon: With over 90% water, watermelon is an excellent anti-aging food and a delicious one too. Watermelon consists of vitamins, minerals and essential fats that are SWAT team against free radicals. The zinc in watermelon is particularly good for cleansing toxins from the body.

2. Whole Grain Cereals: Rich in fiber and Vitamin B, whole grain cereals have a very good effect on your skin. Whole grain meals are good for digestion and help maintain radiant skin. If you want long life, increase intake of whole wheat, oatmeal, and brown rice.

3. Olive Oil: Much recently, scientists have found that olive oils contain large amounts of mono-unsaturated fats that are good for your body and heart. Adding organic extra virgin olive oils is especially helpful as they are less refined and retain the original qualities of this anti-aging food.

4. Sprouted Beans: Beans are a great source of protein and antioxidants. Sprouted beans make them a wonder food that has numerous benefits for your body and skin. Rich in vitamins and minerals, sprouts contain significant amounts of easy to assimilate hormones, making them an effective aid to anti-aging.

As we age, our caloric needs drop so we need to pack our diet with low-calorie, nutrient-rich foods. Including these anti-aging foods into your diet can help live longer and prevent any heart diseases. “Eating anti-aging foods” can be your new mantra for a long and healthy life.

Beauty at Home – Go for Natural Anti Aging Skin Care Home Remedies

To get away from all the hustle, why don’t you go for natural anti aging skin care home remedies?  Here also a plethora of choices available. But, you would not have to spend a fortune for them.

Rice Powder and Turmeric

Rice powder can be used as scrub daily. This is mild and can brush off the dead skin cells without roughing your face out. You can add a pinch of turmeric as skin lightening and anti aging effect. Milk can also be used for the moisturizing purpose. This face pack can be used daily for better effect.

Aloe Cream with Cucumber

Skin gets dry with age and this causes wrinkles. However, with this anti wrinkle treatment at home, you can say goodbye to wrinkles and enjoy beautiful skin which glows with health. To make the cream you need to use aloe vera, yogurt, and cucumber. You can also use lime juice to add health. Take the chopped cucumber and aloe vera flesh along with other items and mix in a blender. This cream must be cooled off before you can apply it on your skin. It is important that you allow the mask to soak. Therefore, leave it for half an hour and then wipe off with wet clothes.

Walnut and Blackberry Scrub

Well, this is a luxurious homemade anti wrinkle treatment. This is yummy too and for this reason, you would love it. Blend both the items properly to make a thick paste and then apply on your face evenly. Wash off with gentle strokes once the pack dries off.

Apple and Honey

An apple every day can keep wrinkles away. Yes, apple is known for its health benefits. However, it is good for beauty treatment as well, especially anti aging treatment. You just have to know how to use the fruit for maximum effect. You can use apple juice directly to your face. You can add this juice to your face pack as well. However, apple works its wonder when added to honey and applied to face. If you can get your hands on green apples, there is nothing like it. This fruit possesses high beneficial quality. However, if you cannot use green for any reason, you can use normal apple as well. Make a puree of apple and honey in a blender and apply it on your face. Use a toner after you wash off this pack.

One of the best anti aging secrets is to follow a healthy diet along with the beauty regimen. This will help you get the better result.

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10 Anti Aging Foods That You Need To Know-Part1 Thu, 24 Nov 2016 12:43:46 +0000 What Are Anti-Aging Foods?

Many studies have confirmed that there are some naturally available foods that contain anti-aging properties. These foods Anti-Aging Foods, when consumed on a regular basis, can not only increase your life span but also help in staying away from age-related diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease.

What Are The Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods That You Need To Include In Your Diet?

1. Green Tea: Yup, all the hype about Green Tea is actually true. Studies have shown that green tea positively impacts the length of telomeres, the DNA sequence at the end of chromosomes that shorten the cells age. With its natural anti-aging property and loads of antioxidants, Green Tea is a perfect addition to your daily routine. Replace caffeinated coffee/tea with green tea and you can live longer.

2. Dark Chocolate: Who said indulgence isn’t bliss? Research shows that eating moderate amounts of dark chocolate has great benefits to the heart. Dark chocolate has a high amount of antioxidants that protect your heart against aging, damage and heart disease. So, instead of milk chocolates, you can eat dark chocolate and ensure that you retain your supple, healthy looking skin for long.

3. Avocado: Contrary to what many people believe Avocado is not a vegetable, it’s a fruit and a very good source of monounsaturated fats, needed to fight bad cholesterol. Rich in Vitamin E, this delectable fruit has anti-aging properties that keep your skin healthy and fights premature aging. If you are fond of salads, Avocado is a great addition to your salad dressing or you can even add it to your breakfast sandwich.

4. Walnuts: Many people think that dry fruits are packed with calories. However, walnut is a great source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. They help in controlling cholesterol levels and enhance the functioning of digestive system and immunity. Rich in a variety of minerals, Walnut is an anti-aging food that you can add to your salads and desserts without any guilt.

5. Kale: Filled with two powerful antioxidants namely carotenoids and flavonoids, Kale is a great vegetable that protects our cells from free radicals that cause oxidative stress. Since one cup of kale has only 36 calories and zero grams of fat, it is a great addition to a weight loss diet. Add Kale to your soup and salads for a healthy and nutritious diet.

6. Berries: In a research study at Tufts University, scientists have found that several compounds in blueberries and other berries help in mitigating inflammations. They also prevent oxidative damage due to age-related deficits. Berries are sweet and tasty mid meal snack and can easily be included in a variety of food preparations.

Slice off Age with Some Simple Home Remedies

Looking ten years younger is a dream every woman possesses in their hearts. They dwell here in secrecy and fantasize about fairy tale princess’ good looks which more than often does not last past thirty. However, the dilemma of diminishing good looks can be combated and for that, you would not even have to spend a fortune or call upon a fairy Godmother for rescue. The help is at hand and you can dig it out from the very place Cinderella went searching for her items. Bingo, it is the kitchen where you have everything worth using to protect that beautiful face.


This is the wonder item which had been used in the past as one of the best anti aging home remedies. Nothing can compete with the goodness of honey when it comes to erasing wrinkles and bestow a glow upon the skin. You rub it raw over your face or mix a few drops of lemon juice for added effect, you get a lot of benefits.  The juice of lime helps in getting rid of the pimple marks and the honey works as the natural moisturizer. For better moisturizing, you can add milk and honey and apply the mixture on your face. Wash off after the pack dries down and watch the difference. Honey can be used daily.


Hmm, this too is one of the best anti aging products which you can get from your kitchen. However, you cannot use egg daily. It is advised to use egg in every three days. You can add an egg to any face pack. But, for extra benefit, you can add milk and lime juice. This will moisturize your skin, will moisturize it and also erase the appearance of wrinkles from the surface.


Have you ever used turmeric for its beauty benefit? If no, you should start doing it immediately. This is one of the products which even the grandmothers would encourage you to use. There is only one tiny pointer, don’t get out in the sun immediately after applying turmeric. It would tan your skin. Otherwise, you can use a pack of besan, turmeric and milk for skin lightening, acne mark erasing and of course wrinkle banishing.

Aloe Vera

If you have an aloe vera plant at home, you have a factory of beauty products at your possession. The juice of aloe vera leaf can make the miracle happen. You can mix lime juice with aloe vera for better effect. Milk can be used for better moisturizing too. You can apply raw aloe vera juice as the homemade anti aging face mask. Let the pack dry off and when to wash with warm water for the better result.

Rose Water

You can mix rose water with lime juice and apply the mixture using a cotton ball. This you can leave on your face overnight. However, use the pack every other night for better effect.

There are countless natural anti aging skin care home remedies available. You would have to use them with care. Also, you need to know which product goes well with your skin before you can plunge into a beauty regimen.

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