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How Can Anti-Ageing Diet Help You

Anti-Ageing Diet

Lee Holmes shares the secrets to achieving a youthful, healthier body through foods with powerful benefits. Eat your way to a vibrant new you.

Food has the power to prevent illness – but did you know it can also slow the aging process and the appearance of wrinkles?

The key is to eat foods that fight inflammation, are rich in antioxidants and are easy to digest – foods which nutrition guru Lee Holmes calls “supercharged” in her book, Supercharged Food (Murdoch Books).

“Foods that are full of antioxidants, like vegetables, prevent inflammation and cellular damage by destroying free radicals in the body,” Holmes says.

Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules produced by such things as stress, pesticides, and the sun. In skin cells, they cause collagen breakdown, which leads to wrinkles.

Inflammation is the body’s response to free radicals, says Holmes. Long-term inflammation in the body is associated with poor immune systems and a higher risk of cancers and chronic diseases.

Holmes began researching food’s healing and anti-ageing benefits in 2006 when she was diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease. After overhauling her diet, she completely recovered and is now healthier than ever.

Foods to avoid

Salt: All salt contributes to high blood pressure and heart disease, so use sparingly. Opt for sea salt, as table salt contains anti-caking agents.
Man-made fats: Trans fats, found in packaged foods and fried fast food, increase the risk of heart disease. The best fats to eat are cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, seed and nut oils, and moderate amounts of coconut oil.

Get Rid of Wrinkle Worries and Woes with these Anti-Aging Home Remedies

The common woe of women after thirties is the appearance of wrinkles. Well, it is not after the thirties, they worry over wrinkles and other aging issues even before they turn twenty. To combat the aging symptoms they move forward to do a lot of things. Countless lotions and creams are available in the market which promises to erase wrinkles and bestow flawless skin. However, once you fall in the maze of creams and lotions, you are lost forever. Instead, try natural anti aging skin care home remedies. There are countless things to try and they all are harmless as there is no side effect of these remedies. So, what are these miracle remedies which can slice off age and make you look younger?

Banana and Curd

Banana and curd both possess immense beneficial properties which can help you look younger. Both of the items are easily available and anyone can get them at a low price. You can use these two to make yourself beautiful. How you can ask. The answer is simple – add half a banana and two spoonfuls of curd to make a thick paste for more health benefits, you can add honey as well. The pack would help you look young and beautiful. In case, you have a dry skin and it feels tight, you can use the light moisturizer.

Pomegranate with Green Tea and Pinch of Honey

The ingredients are nothing, you would get them anywhere. However, these natural anti aging products can do wonder for your skin and erase all the signs of aging within months. To make this pack, you would have to mash the pomegranate along with the seed in a blender. This you need to mix with two table spoonful of green tea and honey. To add volume a little card would be better. This face pack comes with the benefit of Vitamin C and E. The effect can be miraculous if you apply it regularly which is every other day.

Cocoa and Green Tea

Green tea is known to slow down the process of aging. For this reason, people use green tea in their face pack. Cocoa is known to maintain the collagen in the skin. Together these two face items can do wonder. Take out the green tea leaf from the tea bags and mix it with cocoa powder, honey, and curd. Apply this pack over your face and wash off half an hour later.

Banana and Milk

Again banana, well this fruit can do wonder for your skin. You can use banana and milk to cleanse your face, to moisturize it and also to make it look beautiful. The best natural anti aging tips would be to use this face pack regularly. Mash banana and add milk to it, then you would have to make a thick paste with the ingredients. Apply the face pack and let it dry. You would need ample of water to wash off the pack.

Anti wrinkle treatment at home is possible. However, you would have to follow proper diet and workout regimen to support the skin care regimen.

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